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Mimi's Extraordinary Life

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13th August 2010

12:37am: Nerdiness
So, I just had a little bit of a nerdy-squee moment. I never watch Jay Leno, not ever, the one time I do, one of the guests is Paul Watson from the Sea Shepherd. I have a serious love for the Sea Shepherd, and while I don't tend to condone or support vigilantism, in their case I do.


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3rd August 2010

11:38am: My messed up dreams
So my dream last night was little odd:

First off, I was making my way home from uni, taking a bus that I had never even seen before. It was called 'Dago Lago', which means absolutely nothing to me, and probably not much to OC Transpo either. My friends, who were an assortment of people from high school that I'm not friends with, like at all, assure me this bus goes to sort of near my house.

Anyways, instead of ending up at home, I end up at my friend Becky's house. Lying on Becky's sofas are two creepy twin babies that smile and giggle creepily at me when I walk in. Later, Becky and this dude that I suppose I was supposed to know walk out. The babies are supposedly his cousins.

Nothing much happens, but then I remember, 'oh yeah, I left my pet boa constrictor with Becky because my mom didn't want me to keep it in the house!' After some snooping, I find my pet boa, and I figure somehow based on size and sluggishness that he's malnourished. I ask Becky and she genuinely can't remember the last time she fed him.

I start to bundle him up (it's winter) and try looking through the Yellow Pages to find a reptile specialist. When I don't find one, I decide to just go tomorrow. Meanwhile, my pet boa is busting out of his swaddling clothes, and 'what, whoa! He's evolved into a Komodo Dragon!"

My new pet Komodo Dragon is pretty vicious and we decide that we should take him outside into the cold to slow him down, (reptile, right). Somehow, between the kitchen and the patio door, my one Komodo Dragon turns into two fighting Komodo Dragons.

We finally get them out into the cold, and they sort of just fall asleep. And then I woke up.

Yeah, I don't exactly know what to do with this, except that I told Zanzou that I would start making dream posts of my weird dreams. So here's the first.


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20th June 2010

8:00pm: "to the straight guy at the party last night"
Originally posted by fayanora at "to the straight guy at the party last night"
Ganked from [info]christinareborn =

This is awesome. Craigslist posting "to the straight guy at the party last night"

Since Craigslist postings tend to be impermanent, I'll cut and paste:

Under the cut )

this both brightened and soured my mood at the same time, and was just generally amusing.


5th April 2010

12:13pm: LOL. I'm sorta amused and freaked out at the same time.


3rd April 2010

2:26am: Happy Peepster!

Apparently Peeps are sold in Canada, but I've never seen a fucking peep in my life. I must find a package and make a cool diorama with them. Good use of time over homework, y/y?
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26th March 2010

12:10am: Reform Party please to be leaving my fair country, kthxbye
I'm sorry to post another Ann Coulter story, but for obvious reasons I can't get this whole incident out of my
head. I found this article, and it pretty much says everything that I think of the whole matter.

Sorry Ann, Canada's Just Not That Into You

and this one thats describes what a publicity stunt this whole thing was.

I really wish the Ezra Levant and his Reform Party lackeys would just move to Texas and become Republicans already, because it's so clearly what they want. There's no room for them in my vision of this country, sorry to say.
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24th March 2010

9:55am: So, freakin' pleased to see this. Not that I'm pleased to see that Canadians and my university are being criticized as they are in the article, but the idea that this bitch got butthurt over her speech getting cancelled and saying "well that was actually the point of this whole thing", I laughed and laughed and laughed. There is plenty of room in Canada for Conservative politics, but to say the disgusting things that she says are part of a "conservative discourse" is laughable. You can have a conservative discourse without being outright discriminatory and hateful.

Ann Coulter Denied at Uottawa!

associated press

According to Ann Coulter, Ann Coulter is a victim of a hate crime

I really hope that UCalgary protests her as well. She clearly does not need another soapbox and could be taken down a peg.

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26th November 2007

4:28pm: "Ah, Getting Drunk?" "More Like Staying Drunk"
name four bad habits you have:
1. chewing on the inside of my cheek
2. ignoring deadlines/appointments to do shit like read lj
3. staring out the window at traffic while at work
4. not wearing underwear

name four things you wish you had:
1. a xmas centerpiece for my coffee table
2. a pair of nice warm boots
3. the stephen colbert book
4. something other than textbooks and fanfiction to read

name four scents you love
1. chai
2. curry
3. vanilla
4. jellybeans

name four things you'd never wear
2. nude tights
3. athletic running shoes for anything other than exercise
4. sweatpants for anything other than sweating

name four things you are thinking about right now
1. showering
2. making my way into the evil suburbs
3. eating
4. the oc

name four things you have done today
1. gone to part of a class
2. lied to a teacher's assistant
3. watched my baby brother sleep
4. perused lj

name the last for things you have bought:
1. a small bag of tostitos
2. a can of spaghetti
3. bustickets
4. couscous

name four people you would like to spend more time with:
1. Liz <3
2. Becky
3. My mom
4. i guess i'm supposed to say my boyfriend

name four bands/groups/singers who don't know you like:
1. Rihanna
2. justin timberlake
3. My chemical romance?
4. avril lavinge?

name four drinks you drink regularly:
1. diet pepsi
2. dr. pepper
3. strawberry milk
4. juice

name four random facts about yourself
1. I once had a beagle named Kacey but we had to get rid of her because she kept peeing on peoples' feet
2. in sr kindergarten i cut a hole in my pants with scissors and told my mom that I fell on our mini trampoline
3. i used to eat cheese dipped in bbq sauce
4. in sr kindergarten, we had to leave shoes in little cubby holes to wear in class. I didn't like my shoes, so I used to wear some from the morning class'

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3:43pm: Anger Management: The Homeless
The homeless in this city are gorgons. Don't look them in the eye, or you're dead. Put a mirror in they're face and they turn to rock. Crack Rock.

Walking home every night from the slavedrivers, is all about staying alive, kung-fuing any dirty son-of-a-bitch gorgon that makes the eyes at my coin purse. When your peripheral ninja vision skills pick up a derelict coming up on your right, drop your gaze to the ground and don't look up. NEVER LOOK BACK. Once you are certain to be out of earshot, kick your heels together. You've made it through. The only thing that can fuck up your game is that niggling sense of guilt that MAYBE this homeless person really did just want a quarter for groceries and not crack, heroin, meth, etc. This city is falling to shit.

I know its terribly politically incorrect to hate homeless people. I know that because I come from a nice, and only moderately crazy family, I probably owe some shit to people who are having a hard time of life. But I worked for every penny that is in my pocket, and in my pocket every penny will stay to be spent on much better things. Like burritos. Sure my job is bullshit, and I don't do much but stand around being the best register monkey I can be, but whatever ounce I've got of bullshitting people skills got me the job, and that's got to count for something.



13th March 2007

3:22pm: Friends Only Since 2004! That's Spicy!
I'd be your friend for a shot of tequila. Would you be mine for less?

Friends Only Baby, Take a Shot and Be My Friend!

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